Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A brief description of Psychogeography

12 Artists, 6 photographers and 6 videographers, walk a path through three terrains (Sulfur Mountain, Banff Art Centre, City of Banff) collecting any digital images. The path was a randomly generated algorithm that directed the team on when to turn and how far to travel. The team then pooled all of the photos for an Installation at the Banff Art Centre.

The visitor to the installation descended a large Silo style spiral staircase painted with white concrete. At each level the viewer is presented with a bay of Pictures from either the Mountain, Centre or Town of Banff. The artists used overall color schemes to choose the image type that would be placed on the wall. My bays were 3 (Fuzzy) and 6(Disturbed).

A second team using Video Equipment and helmed by Jeremiah Hundley created 3 clips and produced the sound to reflect up the concrete walls of the staircase. Those video are available at Jeremiah's website under the Film and Video tab.

Project Creator Eileen Matis Wong
HCC - Banff Art Centre Psychogeography credits

Installation Bay 6 "Disturbed"

Disturbed was the 6th Bay on the way to the bottom floor. The color layout directs the viewer down and to the right, the same direction of the spiraled staircase.
In the dark diagonal bar through the center, the viewer is invited to puase and look closer at the prints.

The grafitti in town had a very thoughtful style. This Tag was left under a bridge.

The town had a lot of Churches and shops. I thought the combination of the two made a nice statement.

This young tourist was not happy about the lack of seconds.

More evidence that this was a place of Aritists. Apples drying in the sun.

This blurred apple fit nicely in the bottom right corner of Bay 6 encouring the viewer to leave this Bay and descend the stairs to the next one.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Installation Bay 3 "Fuzzy"

Bay 3 had photos with a lighter theme to them.
Here is the layout design which the photos were choosen to replace. Durring our stay, the Canadian forest suffered from a massive forest fires so the colors choosen reflectt the mountain, represented by the green at bottom left and the burning forest fire in the distance, at top right.

Here is the final installation with the photos in place of the color blocks.

Here is the top left image of Bay 3. This is one of the images that I took of a viewing device at the top of a mountain. The red tint to the clouds comes from the fires over the hoizon.